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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let Go Let God in Joy

The Christ Light fills my heart with joy.

When my joy emanates from the Christ within, it is unwavering and infused with wondrous power. The Christ Light—the Spirit of joy enthroned in my heart—brings eternal joy and happiness. It radiates from the center of my being to the very circumference of my world. Outer conditions do not affect such joy, for it has its foundation and substance in God.
Joy welling up from my heart quickens my mind, animates my body, and shines its rays of gladness into my environment. Joy produces order and satisfaction in my life.
I keep my Christ Light shining by using it, by daily drawing more of its essence from God within, and by letting it shine into the world to bless others. The joy of Christ is mine now and always.
You will have joy and gladness.—Luke 1:14

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