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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let Go Let God in the Sanctuary

The peace of God is the sanctuary of my soul.

Deep within me is a holy sacred place of peace. If I feel afraid or unsure, this inner sanctuary protects me. The peace of God within is my place of safety.
Praying, reading spiritual materials, and pausing to take a mindful breath are passageways to my inner sanctuary. They lead me to refuge and peace. Any fear or concerns dissipate as I focus on the power and protection of God within. Instead of nervousness and tension, I experience the One Presence and One Power within me. I am safe and protected.
I move through my day attuned to the serenity of my soul. This peace is always with me; it is my inner sanctuary. It connects me with God.
The Lord answer you in the day of trouble! …May he send you help from the sanctuary.—Psalm 20:1, 2

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