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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let Go Let God Provide Healing

I am healthy, whole and well.

When I scrape my knee or cut a finger, I apply antiseptic and a bandage, and allow the healing process to begin. In time, the pain subsides and the wound heals. Emotional healing is much the same. If I am hurt about a broken relationship or suffering a loss of any kind, I apply the antiseptic of love and the bandage of forgiveness, and allow healing to begin. Then I add the powerful medicine of affirmative prayer. Prayer heals at a deep level. I hold in mind my innate perfection and affirm my true nature: I am whole, one with the life of God. Healing starts in my consciousness and brings peace to my soul. I come to see myself as I am: healthy, whole, and well.

It will be a healing for your flesh and a refreshment for your body.—Proverbs 3:8

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