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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Let Go Let God with Nonresistance

Nonresistance delivers me to peace and power.

Resistance: We may think it refers to arguments or physical altercations, but more commonly, resistance is mental. We often resist circumstances, people, or beliefs we find difficult to accept. We are resisting whenever we oppose, criticize, or resent. However, nonresistance is infinitely more powerful. Nonresistance is not mere tolerance; it is integrity that offers no opposition. We look for similarities, not differences. We have no enemies, because we are not an enemy. When my mind seeks agreement, agreement becomes possible. I may not immediately see the solution, but I can be willing to see it. This act of nonresistance is the manifestation of the Divine in me. As I practice it, peace flows through me, from me, and to me.
Do not resist an evildoer.—Matthew 5:39

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