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Monday, September 21, 2015

Let Go Let God in World Peace

My thoughts and actions contribute to peace in the world.
Gallon upon gallon of rain water clarifies the muddiest of lakes. Collective prayer brings about similar results. Trusting this principle, I affirm world peace daily. I am one with brothers and sisters all over the world affirming peace. My prayers for world peace lead me to more inner peace. When I hear news about war or conflict, I still my mind and affirm peace. I deny energy to disharmony and focus on the presence of peace. As I center on the Christ within, I radiate peace in every interaction—from a conversation with a stranger to a heart-to-heart with a loved one. My thoughts, prayers, and actions contribute to peace in the world.
When the ways of people please the Lord, he causes even their enemies to be at peace with them.—Proverbs 16:7

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