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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Let Go Let God in Prosperity

I am fearlessly and wondrously prosperous.
Life presents many opportunities to demonstrate strength and courage. I may stretch myself and increase my gifts to my church. Or I may leave the security of a relationship or job to better care for myself. Every time I practice courage, I contribute to my prosperity. I make choices based on what feeds my soul and benefits those around me. As I do, I tap in to hidden resources. Spirit enables me to face difficulties and overcome them. Courage is like muscle. I build it up over time with each act outside my comfort zone. I create strength that will last a lifetime and I am fearlessly prosperous.
Be strong, be courageous, and keep the charge of the Lord your God, walking in his ways and keeping his statutes … so that you may prosper.–1 Kings 2:2-3

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