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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Let Go Let God it is Easter

Through the Christ Presence within, I am transformed.

Today is Easter Sunday—a time to celebrate spirit, soul, and body resurrecting as the Christ Consciousness of life and wholeness. The gift that Easter gives to humankind is the gift of hope and renewal. Through the Christ Presence within, I can transcend limiting thoughts and habits. I allow the healing presence of Spirit to restore and renew me in all ways. I rest in the Truth that I am never alone. Every day I am created anew. This feeling of renewal helps me to live from my divine self. I rethink negative beliefs that I may have taken on and I feel free. I move from darkness, doubt, and false beliefs into the light of understanding. It is in these times of renewal that I can say, “I am radiant and fully alive! Through the Christ Presence within, I am transformed.”
I am the resurrection and the life.—John 11:25

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