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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let Go Let God in Circulation

I circulate the currency of good and my capacity to receive expands.

A full jug cannot accommodate more. Similarly, if I cling to what I have now, without creating the capacity for anything new, I restrict the flow of fresh blessings pouring into my life. The spiritual laws of circulation and compensation tell me that freely sharing my gifts does not deplete my resources. I am willing to both give and receive. I joyously share my time, talent and treasures in varied and imaginative ways. I might offer a helping hand; volunteer my time; share an idea, a smile or a hug; or donate money or gently used possessions. With a consciousness of prosperity, I have more than enough to share. As I give, I expand my capacity to receive.
Please accept my gift that is brought to you … because I have everything I want.—Genesis 33:11

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