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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Let Go Let God Within

I open to the full expression of God in me.
I may have felt lost and alone, believing I was separate from God. Diminished by my sense of limitation and fear, I may have believed I was not worthy of God’s good. Yet as I open to the presence of God within, I realize my inherent worthiness and that God supplies my every need. The challenges and circumstances of my life may change, but God within is unfailing, steady, and strong. Through prayer and meditation, I bring awareness to all that I am in God. I begin by focusing on my breath and observing what is happening in my body and emotions. I then go deeper into the Silence, beyond the physical, and experience oneness. I am attuned and aware, and I open to the full expression of God in me.
The kingdom of God is among you.—Luke 17:21

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