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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Let Go Let God Provide Comfort

I am secure in the comforting love of God.
Children have an inherent desire for comfort. Before they are able to speak, they cry out for touch, nourishment, and protection. Although I am no longer a child, I sometimes still need comforting. I need to feel safe and loved, especially in difficult times—when I may feel lost, sad, or afraid. I yearn for the reassurance that I am not alone. God gently reminds me to turn within, where comfort is always available. I release any sadness, fear, or loneliness. They have no place in my life. In the Silence, I feel God’s love deep within my heart. My inner child is comforted. I am safe and loved, strong and courageous. I stay in touch with Spirit and am at peace in good times and in tough times. I am secure in the comforting love of God.
Let the little children come to me.—Matthew 19:14

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