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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Let Go Let God in World Peace

One with all beings, I contribute to a consciousness of peace.
People of diverse cultures and belief systems around the world all desire peace. Each person is an expression of God, an instrument of peace. I align my thoughts with these like-minded people, opening the way to harmony and spiritual freedom. Together we tap in to the power of love to bless one another and every being in the world. We look beyond prejudice or narrow-mindedness to envision a world of respect, understanding, and oneness of purpose. Our oneness in thought, purpose, and understanding builds an environment of lasting peace. I view the world through the eyes of divine love, and I affirm goodness, love, and peace. My vision of oneness and harmony contributes to a consciousness of peace.
In the beginning ... God created the heavens and the earth.—Genesis 1:1

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