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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Let Go Let God See Prosperity

I prosper by seeing and claiming the good.
While many distractions in life may lead me to focus on what is not working, today I choose a prosperous outlook instead. I remember to “look for the good.” In fact, I make this my mantra for everyday life. Even if I face some challenges, I see blessings in my health, creative endeavors, finances, and family. I see openness, kindness, and other positive qualities within myself. I even see the good that can come from tragedy. I notice how communities affected by natural disasters band together to rebuild homes and lives. By seeing the good, I feel uplifted. My prosperous attitude inspires others as well. The multiplying power of prosperity is at work through me—and it is good!
May you see the prosperity … all the days of your life.–Psalm 128:5

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