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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Let Go Let God Go Deeper

When I pray, my soul goes deeper into God.

Singer/songwriter Daniel Nahmod inspires us with this lyric: When I pray, I feel my soul go deeper into my God. Prayer is our experience of communion with the Infinite Divine. Called by many names, God is the great Oneness. God is All That Is. Prayer shifts our attention from the ever-changing world to the abiding and enduring divine peace and love within. Right where we are, we can pause and feel our breath, close our eyes, and gently calm our thoughts. No longer are we caught up in the clang and clatter of the outside world. In the silence of prayer, we enter into a sacred space where all things are possible. We go deeper into our God. With thanksgiving in our hearts, we are renewed and at peace.
He would withdraw to deserted places and pray.—Luke 5:16

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