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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let Go Let God in Transition

All that has been is the ground of the good arising.

Our lives are as full of change as the seasons. The memories in my heart hold joy and sorrow; success and disappointment. Yet all that has been has fallen away. My past is the fertile ground from which new good arises. Life has taught me to love, to forgive and to place my faith in God. My past does not limit my good but becomes the soil from which new experiences grow. I may not have chosen every experience that teaches me, but I choose to learn from all of them. I cannot change my past, but I can accept it with new understanding. I am grateful for all that has come and gone, and I give thanks for new love, new health and new prosperity unfolding.
When the grass is gone, and new growth appears, … there will be enough.—Proverbs 27:25, 27

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