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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let Go Let God Pray for Others

I enfold my dear ones in Love as I pray.

In prayer, I acknowledge my oneness with God and I feel God’s love within me. Divine Love shines forth from me to encompass all people. We are one in God, and our prayers bless one another in untold ways. Myrtle Fillmore once shared this prayer: “I will proclaim for you the Light and the Life and the Substance … ever active, all-sufficient, ready to meet your needs and to keep you in the divine order and harmony which the Creator intends.” I hold my dear ones in mind and heart as I bless them with this proclamation of Truth. I see the love of God establishing order and harmony in their lives. I see their needs met. I give thanks for the opportunity to enfold my dear ones in God’s love today and every day.
Let all that you do be done in love.—1 Corinthians 16:14

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