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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let Go, Let God

I release my concerns and trust in God.

At times I may find myself clutching a worried thought as tightly as I might grip a hammer. My whole body may tense as my mind strikes away at an issue, searching for the answer to a problem or predicament. There is an easier way. I relax my grip and calm my thoughts. I breathe deeply and release my concerns. I do not need to try to work things out by myself, separate from God. Instead, I open to the flow of God’s love and guidance.
Accessing infinite wisdom, perfect life and strength within, I manage whatever needs arise in my life. Even when I think there is no way, God reveals a way. Relaxed and calm, I am attuned to divine guidance. I trust in God and move forward with confidence.
In God I trust; I am not afraid.—Psalm 56:11

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