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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Let Go Let God Be Recharged

As I plug into God, I am spiritually recharged.

The activities that keep me engaged and interested in life can also at times deplete my energy. Maintaining a home, job, family, community activities, and self-care may leave me feeling overwhelmed. Relaxation may be what I need to refill and recharge my body, mind, and spirit. Rest and recreation are vital for physical and mental health. Taking a walk or reading a book, joining friends in a game or sport—these types of activities recharge my energy and my spirit and provide a reprieve from life’s daily challenges.
To recharge my soul, I spend time centered in the indwelling spirit of God. In the quiet of meditation or the contemplation of prayer, I am guided to make choices that recharge and renew me in every way.
Revive me according to your word.—Psalm 119:25

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