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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Let Go Let God in Divine Order

Here, where grace abounds, all is in divine order.

When life seems messy or muddled, hearing the words “all is in divine order” might be frustrating. Yet when clouds block the sun, the sun continues to shine just as brilliantly. Similarly, divine order does not cease when my world seems upside down. I take a moment to turn my awareness away from the challenge and into the presence and power of God within. I breathe deeply to clear my mind and release any stress. As I continue to breathe in God, unsettling thoughts dissipate and disappear. I am open and focused in this God-centered moment. Grace abounds and all is indeed in divine order.
Run at once to meet her, and say to her, “Are you all right?” … She answered, “It is all right.”—2 Kings 4:26

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