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Monday, June 3, 2013

Let Go Let God in Harmony

I praise every one of my relationships.

In the midst of conflict or misunderstanding, I may not realize the powerful tool I have to bring peace to every relationship. That tool is praise. Charles Fillmore wrote: “Turn the power of praise upon whatever you wish to increase. Give thanks that it is now fulfilling your ideal.” I turn the power of praise upon every relationship in my life. I praise the good I see in others and the good I do not see. I give thanks that the people in my life are interesting and unique, as each brings me new understanding and joy. I praise every opportunity to share with others. I give thanks that every relationship is continually growing into something greater. I behold the Christ in all, and see each person blessed with peace, love, and happiness. My life is in harmony.
Live in harmony with one another.—Romans 12:16

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