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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let Go Let God in Trust

I trust in God, and my life shapes up!

When a potter throws clay onto the wheel, he or she may not know if the finished piece will be a vase, a bowl, or a plate. Though the technique can be messy and the result uncertain, the potter trusts the process, giving the clay complete attention. The potter shapes and molds the clay with creativity and skill, watching the art take shape. Like a potter, I shape and mold the moments of my life. With a sense of creative wonder, I attend to each matter before me. If circumstances unexpectedly shift, I refocus on the Christ Presence within and return to my peaceful center. I trust in God, and though the outcome may be uncertain, I know my life is taking shape in a way that blesses and prospers me and others.
Happy are those who trust in the Lord.—Proverbs 16:20

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