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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Let Go Let God in Forgiveness

I believe in the power of forgiveness.

To believe fully and completely in the forgiving love of God is to know peace and freedom. The moment I turn within to God in prayer, with humility and acceptance, I am freed from past mistakes. God’s forgiving love instantly dissolves bitterness, resentment, and condemnation. I may have acted or spoken in a way I am ashamed of. I may wish I could retrace my steps and start over again. But it is through living that we learn and grow. My missteps help me see how I want to change and who I want to be. No matter what I have done or what circumstances influenced me, I can start anew, make amends, and accept God’s forgiveness. I embrace a new vision of life, and I am free now to express it.
There is forgiveness with you.—Psalm 130:4

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