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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Let Go Let God in World Peace

My personal peace is a gift to the world.

An ancient sage once said that when there is peace in the person, there is peace in the family, the community, the nation, and the world. The greatest peacemakers began by finding peace within then sharing it in their community. When I worry about the lack of peace in the world, I ask myself: Am I at peace within? Am I at peace with others? Do I need to reach out, connect, forgive? Do I make peaceful choices in my daily life? How can I effect peaceful communication and understanding in my home, work, and neighborhood? In prayer and meditation, I find serenity. I discover ways to express peace in my life. The greatest gift I give to the world is a peaceful heart, which manifests in all I do.
Grace, mercy, and peace will be with us from God the Father and from Jesus Christ.—2 John 1:3

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