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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let Go Let God Surrender

Surrendering to Spirit, I experience deep peace and well-being.

At times life flows smoothly, and at other times, it may seem like a battle. If I find myself in opposition with those around me or in conflict with myself, I cease the struggle now. I turn the matter—and, indeed, my life—over to the living Spirit of Truth within me.
I begin in quiet contemplation, laying down the defensive armor of strongly held convictions and any weapons of judgment or criticism. This is a conscious act of faith and courage. I relinquish control and surrender to Spirit. In the Silence, my open heart and mind reap the rewards of God’s living, loving Spirit. As I entrust myself to Infinite Love, I experience deep peace and well-being.
For not in my bow do I trust … But you have saved us from our foes.—Psalm 44:6, 7

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