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Monday, September 23, 2013

Let Go Let God with Inner Joy

I let my light shine!

Today I choose to live joyfully. My delight in life is inwardly generated, a natural by-product of the living, loving presence of God in me. As I move through my day, I find ways to express my heart’s contentment. My attitude is positive, upbeat, and enthusiastic. I look for ways to be helpful and encouraging. I am happy, and it shows! When I have an affirmative attitude, I am keen to notice and appreciate joy in other people. When I let my light shine, I notice the light of others shining back at me. Together we create a joyful space. As we share optimism, love, and happiness, the circumference of joy expands, and the world is blessed.
You show me the path of life. In your presence there is fullness of joy.—Psalm 16:11

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