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Monday, December 5, 2011

Let Go Let God Live Life

I am filled with life, sweet life.

Life is an endless circle within God. From before birth to beyond the transition called death, I am filled with life. My soul wears this earthly garment I call my body, which I cherish and care for. When I finally lay it down, my soul continues to live, always in God's care and keeping.
During this life experience, I live fully and confidently, knowing that the life of God animates my body and the wisdom of God flows through my mind. I use my mind, my hands, my voice and my heart to express life, to express God.
I behold the sweetness of life within and all around me. I delight in the tiniest delicate flower and the tallest majestic mountain. I am one with all life and one with the Creator.

Whoever believes in him may have eternal life.--John 3:15

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