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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Let Go Let God Be Caring

I am grateful to walk this path with you.

Today I send this message to someone who loves and supports me: Beloved, I am grateful to walk this sacred path with someone as caring as you. I feel your support through the hard times in my life as you listen with an open heart. You are a compassionate expression of God. You see me as I truly am—not broken or diminished, but strong at my core. I feel your faith in me when you empathize and laugh with me, when you partner with me in prayer. I feel your caring nature every time you bless me with love and remind me I am not alone. Your wise and reassuring words are encouraging. Spurred by your caring presence, I know I will not only survive, I will thrive!
Love one another deeply from the heart.—1 Peter 1:22

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