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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Let Go, Let God

I feel the peace and freedom of letting go and trusting God.

Pilots often describe the moment of take-off as a time of freedom when the plane defies gravity and literally releases its attachment to the earth. Pilots need a certain degree of courage to let go and trust the plane’s aerodynamics to function properly and fly. Similarly, I need a degree of courage to let go and have faith in God as the active power in my life. To reach that level of trust, I remember moments in my life when I felt God’s presence guiding and blessing me. I look at the life of Jesus and see the strength of surrender, trusting in God. I let go and trust that what has been demonstrated in the past will continue to demonstrate in my life. My faith enables me to let go and trust in God.
Be strong and of good courage.—1 Chronicles 28:20

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