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Friday, March 8, 2013

Let Go Let God in Divine Order

I begin with God and all is in order.

Counting is the first demonstration of order we learn as children, and when we count, we always begin with one. To align with divine order in my life, I begin with one—One Power, One Presence, One Spirit—God. I turn my attention to the One Source for healing, abundance, comfort and peace. Immersed in the pure presence of Being, I am inspired to take action. New ideas are planted in the fertile soil of my imagination. Spirit guides me to cast out what I need to release and tend what I need to nurture. With new clarity, I see what I have learned from past experiences. I trust God to reveal the wisdom of the present moment. Nothing is out of place. Just as when I count, I begin with One and all is in order.
In the beginning was the Word.—John 1:1

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