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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Let Go Let God all is in Divine Order

Divine order is actively at work—providing opportunities and direction.
Divine order is life unfolding as my Source intended, but that doesn’t mean I take a backseat on my journey of life, waiting for life to happen to me. I have an active role in the establishment of divine order in my life. I communicate with God, keeping my thoughts and feelings focused and centered. If I find myself in the middle of drama, I look again through a divine order perspective. Is there something in this situation I can learn from? Looking back—beyond tears, laughter, pain—I am now able to see how I grew and how divine order was actively at work. I am guided to new opportunities.
You cleared the ground for it; it took deep root and filled the land. The mountains were covered with its shade, the mighty cedars with its branches.—Psalm 80:9-10

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