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Monday, September 5, 2016

Let Go Let God as Inner Peace

With mind and heart centered, I am at peace.
A turning wheel has obvious movement on the outer edges while the center appears to remain still. The same holds true for my life. Despite what happens in the outer realm, I remain steadfast when I stay centered on the spirit of God within. I begin with a shift in my feelings and attitude. As I focus my attention on God-life within, I move into a deeper understanding of the Divine. I find my peace. I know what it feels like to be uplifted and radiant, buoyant and expanded. Capturing that feeling, I move into a deeper awareness of the fluid movement of love in my heart. Now, I flow into that feeling. By taking such small steps several times each day, I find myself poised in a kind of peace that happens readily and easily. Inner peace sustains me at all times.
Peace be with you.—Luke 24:36

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