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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Let Go Let God Pray for Others

My prayers for others are gifts from the heart.
Prayer is a gift of the heart that you can give again and again. Whether your prayer is for a loved one, a friend, neighbor, or a complete stranger, when you pray for others you give the highest blessing possible. As you do, place your faith in the unconditional love and wisdom of God. Let go of the person and situation, releasing any expectation of specific outcomes. Begin by centering your thoughts on God. Feel God’s love within and know this love surrounds, uplifts, and blesses all. Let the following words be the meditation of your heart as you pray: You are enfolded in God’s loving care. You are guided, whole and well, peaceful and free. I affirm for you the highest and best, knowing that only good can come to you.

Pray for one another.—James 5:16

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