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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Let Go Let God Comfort

I accept the comfort and strength of God.

A hug from a friend or a call from a loved one reminds me I am not alone. Yet God’s comforting, strengthening presence is with me always, even when friends are not present. Whatever struggle I may be facing, I am blessed to know that I am never separate from the presence and comfort of my Creator. In prayer, I look past any present struggle to the reality of God’s presence. I do not pretend that the unhappy or unwanted condition is not there. Rather, I lift my thoughts above the condition to think only of God. I invite God’s power into my experience. This prayerful practice places me in full awareness of God’s comforting, strengthening presence. I am strong and capable, for I am filled with God.
Guard me as the apple of the eye.—Psalm 17:8

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