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Friday, October 25, 2013

Let Go Let God in Communication

I communicate with love and clarity.

I can communicate with others in many different ways: through my words and gestures or by writing, texting, or speaking. Communication connects us. I ask myself: When I communicate, am I open and friendly? Or am I harsh or brash? Am I clear or vague? Do I make eye contact or look away? Am I positive and agreeable or critical and hurried? I consider how I communicate and mindfully direct my attitude. Every interaction with another is an opportunity for a blessing. I choose to communicate from the love of God in my heart. I choose to be friendly and cooperative, open to others’ ideas, and share my own ideas with love and clarity. I am welcoming and warm as I express the love of God that I am.
My words declare the uprightness of my heart, and what my lips know they speak sincerely.—Job 33:3

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