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Friday, November 14, 2014

Let Go Let God in Harmony

As I live in harmony, I am an agent for peace.

I am in harmony with Spirit in mind, body, and soul. As I experience wholeness and express it in my unique way, I become an agent for peace in the world. Spirit is the essence of my being, the I Am expressing individually as me. My body is the vehicle to carry Spirit into the world. As I align myself with Christ within, thoughts of wholeness fill my mind, my body experiences balance, and I feel aliveness in my soul. If I experience disharmony or disease, I pause to recenter my thoughts and focus on Spirit. In harmony with God, I affect my outer environment positively. Aligned with Divine Love—in mind, body, and soul—I speak and act in the world from the peaceful, loving center of my being.
You also are built together spiritually into a dwelling place for God.—Ephesians 2:22

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