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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Let Go Let God in Meditation

I am open to a greater awareness of God within.
Meditation restores my soul and re-energizes me. As I turn to the quiet within, I breathe deeply and relax. I clear my mind of all conscious thoughts. Each one is like a leaf gently floating downstream. I may focus on a word or phrase as a mantra of peace. As I become still, my mind and heart open to a greater awareness of God. In the stillness, peace and love surround me. I transcend the external world and enter a light-filled space of tranquility and understanding, where I receive the blessings of God. As I close my time in meditation, I gently pull myself back from the solitude of the Silence. I gradually become aware of sounds around me. Revitalized, centered, and peaceful, I return to the activities of the day.
The meditation of my heart shall be understanding.—Psalm 49:3

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