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Friday, January 16, 2015

Let Go, Let God

I am healthy, wise, at peace, and open to my good.
Walking through the gently falling snow, I pause to look closely at a snowflake. In the beauty of its intricate pattern, I see the love and creativity of God. A drop of moisture was released and transformed when the right conditions were present to form a snowflake. I am shaped and patterned by the presence of God in me. I trust Spirit in me to create the right conditions and transform my life. As I do, I trust in what unfolds. What has fulfilled its purpose in my life will pass, and the new will come. I open myself to healing, guidance, and prosperity. I trust that conditions are right for my highest good to unfold. When I trust in God, I am continually transformed. I am healthy, wise, at peace, and ready for even greater good.
For I will restore health to you.—Jeremiah 30:17

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