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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Let Go Let God in Relaxation

I relax and reconnect with Spirit in me.
The Universe balances the activity of the day with the stillness of night. In a similar way, I relax after work, a long drive, or strenuous exercise. My self-care practice also includes short breaks throughout the day. Wherever I am, I take a few minutes to rest and reconnect with Spirit. I begin by focusing on my breath. I breathe in and my mind is at peace. I breathe out and let go of stress. I notice my breath flowing into each part of my body—my head, my shoulders, and my chest. I breathe out through my arms, down my torso, and all the way out the bottoms of my feet. My heart, mind, and soul rejuvenate in God. Spirit flows in me with ease. After a few minutes, I bring my attention back to where I am sitting. I return to my activities with a peaceful heart.
You will find rest for your souls.—Matthew 11:29

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