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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Let Go Let God Rejuvenate

I am whole, strong, and full of vitality.
Nature in its summer splendor invites me to rest and rejuvenate. Cats and dogs bask in the sunlight. A gentle breeze carries the scent of flowers. The sunset provides a moment of splendor at the end of each day. I follow nature’s cues and take time to relax and rejuvenate. I find a quiet place to connect with God—perhaps I sit on a rock near the water, a park bench, or on my patio. I settle into meditation. I breathe in the fresh air and let go of any worries. Spirit renews me with each breath. I open myself to fresh perspectives. I see myself whole, strong, and full of vitality. I am rejuvenated! Mindful to maintain balance in my life, I commit to rest and rejuvenation. I look forward to my next experience in nature.
You have been born anew.—1 Peter 1:23

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