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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let Go Let God Give a Father's Blessing

I bless my father and all fathers around the world.

Expressing love toward each person in my family is one of the ways I demonstrate my love for God and recognize the spirit of God in my family members. Today I express my love for my father.
If my father is living, I express my love and appreciation to him directly. I voice my feelings and let him know that he is loved. If my father has passed away, I bless him in prayer and honor his memory and spirit, which live in my heart.
If for any reason I have been estranged from my father, I allow the forgiving love of God to ease and release any resentment that has kept us from understanding and loving each other. Today I let God's love express through me and I bless my father.

All the families of the earth shall be blessed.--Genesis 12:3

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