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Monday, November 5, 2012

Let Go Let God with Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is the attitude I bring to all I do.

Whatever is before me to do, whether a mundane task or a new adventure, I am energized knowing it is part of my life’s expression. Every place I go and everything I do is an integral part of the Holy Spirit of Life. In the simple ritual of washing a dish or sweeping a room, I catch a glimpse of peace and grace flowing through me, and I adopt a new attitude about my chores. If I am learning a new skill or beginning an ambitious project, I sense the wisdom and strength of God within me. I am propelled forward with new energy. Stretching my capabilities with enthusiasm expands my expression of God. I am unlimited in what I can do through God in me. I am alive, enthusiastic and grateful!
Do not lag in zeal, be ardent in spirit, serve the Lord.—Romans 12:11

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