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Friday, February 27, 2015

Let Go Let God with Empathy

I live with an open heart.
The Dalai Lama once wrote, “When we resist indulging in a self-centered view of the world, we can replace it with a worldview that takes every living being into account.” No one is truly alone in this world. We are all dependent on others. The food we eat, the houses we live in, the clothes we wear, are all provided through the hard work and contributions of others. When I realize I am interconnected with all beings, I appreciate their presence. I am able to feel empathy for others, be kind, caring, and supportive. I look beyond myself and am compassionate toward anyone who is going through a loss, a challenge, or needs a listening ear. As I practice empathy, I live with an open heart and offer a helping hand.
Saul said, “May you be blessed by the Lord for showing me compassion!”—1 Samuel 23:21

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