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Friday, July 21, 2017

Let Go Let God as World Peace

I am an ambassador of peace in the world.
At any point in time, millions of people are praying for peace in our world. While peace may feel far out of reach, I remain steadfast in my prayers and faith that peace is attainable. I also realize that beyond speaking my prayer, I must be it. As an ambassador of peace in the world, I show up as the spiritual quality of peace itself. I move through everyday life—physically, emotionally, and mentally—infused with the essence of peace. I affirm peace by listening to others from my heart, even if their ideas, words, and actions are in conflict with my own. I affirm peace by expressing appreciation whenever and wherever I encounter beauty, kindness, and goodness. My life is an embodied, living, breathing prayer of world peace.
Therefore say, “I hereby grant him my covenant of peace.”—Numbers 25:12

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