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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Let Go Let God Express My Gifts

I express and share my unique gifts with the world.
Every person has unique, God-given talents that find expression through a skill or passion. I, too, have natural gifts bestowed upon me, and the choice is mine whether I express them in ways that bless and inspire others. When I keep my talents to myself, they do not grow or increase. When I actively express and give my gifts freely to others, I show appreciation for my Spirit-led abilities. As I use my talents to help create a better world for all, I fulfill my purpose. I do my divine job to express the talent God has given me and follow my true calling, in whatever form it takes.
For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away.—Matthew 25:29

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