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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let Go Let God in Unity

One Light illumines all the Universe.
In winter, when natural light is in shortest supply, many faith traditions celebrate holidays with lights. Each festival portrays faith as our comfort in darkness. As varied as the celebrations may be, regardless of their names and descriptions, they all recognize the One Light that illumines the whole Universe. We are all sparks of the One Light. By seeing the same Light in each of us, we dissolve the darkness of separation. As we acknowledge we are all rays of the same Light, all barriers are removed. We see everyone in the image and likeness of God. By living in unity and letting our lights shine, we dispel the darkness of fear, ignorance, and lack. Nothing is stronger than the Light of God that shines in all of us.
Has not one God created us?—Malachi 2:10

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