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Friday, January 20, 2012

Let Go Let God Give Comfort

My heart is open to the blessings of divine love.

There may be no greater time to realize the presence and power of God's love than when one is in need of comfort. If I've suffered a loss or disappointment, I may feel heartbroken, but as I become willing to be lifted up by Spirit, I am comforted. All tendency to "go it alone" falls away as I remember I am God's beloved.

If I falter physically or emotionally, I call on the love of God to strengthen me. Knowing I am an expression of divine love, I experience both physical and emotional healing. I make decisions that need to be made, accomplish tasks that previously seemed impossible. God's love flows through me as I open my heart and my life to divine love.

Let your steadfast love become my comfort according to your promise to your servant. --Psalm 119:76

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