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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Let Go Let God Be Light

Divine light radiates in me as God’s love, peace and joy.

The flame of a single candle can light the darkness. When its fire is shared with other candles, the glow brightens all that surrounds them. Just as the original candle’s flame is not compromised, so the energy of one human spirit is not diminished by being shared. As I radiate the light of God within me, those around me are bathed in its brilliance, and my own light grows. The radiance of God’s peace, love and joy shine forth when I share my passion for life’s blessings. My energy inspires others who let their lights shine. Passed on from one person to another, this blessing touches all. Even in the darkest moments, God’s love shines. As I share my light, I know it makes a difference, helping to brighten the way for others.
The human spirit is the lamp of the Lord, searching every innermost part.—Proverbs 20:27

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