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Friday, December 7, 2012

Let Go Let God in World Peace

Peace and harmony abound in our world.
Peace is a divine idea that lives in the hearts and minds of all humankind. When conflicts arise, our hearts cry out for peace. Although we may not know how to bring peace to the external world, we can bring peace to our internal world, which is the first step. I begin by practicing peace within. Keeping my focus on God, I embody peace and cultivate calm in the face of challenge. My serenity touches those nearest me and ripples out to others. If I become upset for any reason, I re-establish inner peace by aligning myself with the presence of God within. Peace and harmony expand in the world through each individual who chooses peace. At the core of my being, and in the hearts of all humankind, God abides as deepest peace.
Be at peace with one another.—Mark 9:50

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