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Monday, December 3, 2012

Let Go Let God Be Radiant

I am the radiant life of God.

If I am experiencing a health challenge, I remember God is Life and God lives in me. Turning within, I visualize the radiant life of God doing a mighty work of healing in me.
God-life is part of every cell and atom of my body. It balances the functioning of my organs, binds tissues that need repair, and strengthens my soul as well as my body. Because all creation is an expression of God as life in the world, I give thanks for radiant healing even before it manifests. I am the radiant life of God in every moment of my life. I celebrate my life energy by making healthy choices, engaging in prayer and meditation, and living in peace. God-life flows through me and all creation, and I am grateful!
Look to him, and be radiant.–Psalm 34:5

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