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Friday, December 16, 2016

Let Go Let God in Meditation

As I meditate on the presence of God within, I find peace.
One evening after Jesus had been out teaching, his disciples were in a panic as a windstorm created massive waves that crashed against their boat. Jesus awoke and with a single command, stilled the winds and the waters. In my life, too, I sometimes allow outer circumstances to stir up feelings of fear in my mind. Yet I can calm the chaos by focusing my attention on the presence of God within. When my mind churns out of control, I stop and take a deep breath. I focus my attention on the love and peace of God. As I turn my mind to God, I feel my body begin to relax. My breathing and my thoughts slow, the waters of my mind settling into a placid calm. As I meditate on God, I feel deeply at peace.
You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, you still them.—Psalm 89:9

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