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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Let Go Let God Use Imagination

I use my imagination wisely and focus on success. 
I use the power of imagination to bring ideas into being and to visualize answered prayers. When an inspired idea comes to me that I would like to create in my life, I use my mind to imagine what it would look like, how it would feel to achieve it, and the steps I will take to bring it about. I infuse my images with color, sound, aroma, and even taste. I see myself having achieved my goal. The thoughts and the images I hold in mind are creative; they shape divine substance and energy into manifestation. I exercise my imagination wisely by focusing on my heart’s desires as if steering toward a compass point. I use my imagination to help bring about success, healing, and the best outcomes.

With the gift of Imagination we expand our focus from the realm of divine ideas to the ways in which these gifts can manifest in our lives, and in the world we create together. Here the divine ideas are laying according to the choices we make from the rich gift of Imagination. We use our Imagination every time we make a choice based on what we believe, and on what we believe the outcome will be. If we choose to believe that the worst possible result will always occur, that will become our experience. If instead we fuel our Imagination with the gifts of Faith, Love, Strength, and Power, and if we maintain spiritual mastery over the input from our senses, we will know the joy of fulfilling our spiritual purpose.

Today I pause to imagine the life I am led to live for myself, and for the world. I know this vision is mine to achieve. I blend my Imagination with Faith and Love, and I express the Power to create new possibilities.

I will pray with the spirit, but I will pray with the mind also; I will sing praise with the spirit, but I will sing praise with the mind also.—1 Corinthians 14:15

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